mRNA Miracle!

A few weeks ago, we had CLOSE contact with a breakthrough case.  It was the night before they tested positive.  We got a call the next day that we were exposed ☹.

Oh boy!

We are fully vaccinated + a booster.  But still, we had close contact and we were worried.

Enter the mRNA vaccine miracle!

The case was fully vaccinated with Pfizer, but there is a high level of ongoing transmission in that community.  So, we were pretty nervous. We did two antigen tests post exposure and both came back negative 😊.

Talk about a relief!

I did come across a news clip reporting on a study that fully vaccinated people are far less likely to spread COVID.  A contact was 65% less likely to test positive if the case was fully vaccinated with 2 doses of Pfizer. The study hasn’t been peer reviewed yet, so caution is in order.  But that was a reassuring finding.

While so many people see NOT being vaccinated a badge of honor, I think we all are coming to grips with the fact that COVID is here to stay (for the foreseeable future).  I imagine there will be waves of disease, like the flu.  And the vaccine may change accordingly. 

Being older with a questionable immune system, I am figuring out how to live in a COVID world.  In addition to being vaccinated, I will:

  • Wear masks indoors in most situations – indoor masking is required in Washington State at this point
  • Keep the handwashing going
  • Hang out with vaccinated people whenever possible
  • Think twice about traveling to ‘hot spots’ – we may still go, but will want to focus on staying outdoors
  • Have antigen tests on hand and use them for overnight guests – antigen tests are tough to find!

I have no desire to hole up at home – there just aren’t that many more shopping days until Christmas!

“The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.”




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