TJ’s Run

Every blogger worth a grain of salt seems to do at least one post about their Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) favorites.  It is time for me to join in!

We first discovered TJ’s when we lived on the Central Coast of CA in the 90’s.  We were blown away by the unique shopping experience that is Trader Joes😊.

I remain a fan and a trip to TJ’s happens at least once a month.  I have some favorite basics (today’s post picture) that always land in my cart:

Dried blueberries – these are unsweetened and I have them EVERY morning on my yoghurt.  Our dog was a big fan too (she had excellent taste)

Packaged raviolis – these are imported from Italy and every version we have tried is excellent.  I am a current fan of the organic caprese but the cacio and pepe are a close second.

Organic cheese or really any of their cheese – we always grab the organic mozzarella string cheese and the New Zealand sliced cheddar.

Sliced sourdough bread – I am a fan of REAL sourdough and this has sourdough starter in the ingredients.  I can never find the authentic stuff at the grocery store.

Organic soy milk – this finds it way into my tea every morning.

Reduced guilt macaroni and cheese – simple and tasty for only 270 calories

Mandarin orange chicken – this lives up to the hype.  It is a favorite for a quick meal.

These aren’t basics, but are usually on my list:

Butternut macaroni and cheese – totally decadent

Maple espresso tea – I tried it last year and while it sounds awful, it tastes great.  It should be back in action in early November.

My list could go on, but these are my tried-and-true TJ’s treats.

Please add any of your favorites to the comments.  I am always up for a new TJ’s adventure!

Has anyone ever gone to Trader Joe’s to get one thing and left without buying anything else? Asking for a friend.

— Ella Cerón (@ellaceron) January 29, 2015



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