Unwelcome Changes

I have been observing some of the unwelcome changes that are ’emerging’ as we ’emerge’ from the pandemic (I am being an optimist by saying we are ‘emerging’ and not just in a new lull).

Both the Seattle Public Schools and the Bellevue Schools announced YESTERDAY that they will be closed on Friday.  Too many teachers wanted the day off for a much needed 4-day weekend. There aren’t enough substitute teachers to cover the classrooms.  I read other districts across the nation are making the same decision for much the same reason. This leaves parents in the lurch with very short notice to find care for their children.

Note: my husband has been in Human Resources for many years and can’t figure out why so many leave requests were approved.  I was wondering why the planning wasn’t done much earlier when it became clear November 12th was a stand-alone day.

Our Department of Transportation issued a public warning that they may not be able to keep all the roads clear this winter due to staffing shortages (unfilled positions, early retirements, unvaccinated staff). Most of our ferry runs are down by at least one boat, also due to staff shortages. I heard that TSA is anticipating staffing issues as the holidays approach and as travel demand is expected to rival 2019 numbers.

Some of the store shelves are pretty bare and it can be hard to find even the basics. And everything costs more to boot!

On a more personal note I, like many others, have been eating out more frequently as of late.  The restaurants are often understaffed, the servers are harried, and sometimes even a bit surly. 

These are just a few examples of the unwelcome changes that seem to be ’emerging’ as our new reality at this point.

Change, even if unwelcome, forces us to re-evaluate what our best options are.  Those times of transitions are great opportunities to look for recurring patterns in your life and make adjustments to build on the good and reduce the bad.

Dan Miller

So, what adjustments do I need to make during this time of transition?

  • Not traveling on the holidays (we didn’t plan to anyway)
  • Being flexible about the basics and realize we probably have plenty of food and other items to tide us over until what we want/need is available
  • Being kind to teachers and others who are experiencing a lot of stress
  • Being patient when eating out, excuse the surliness, and tip BIG
  • Being grateful that we are retired and don’t need to venture out on icy roads this winter.


Happy Veteran’s Day to my husband!


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