I have a love/HATE relationship with jeans – intentional emphasis on HATE.  But more on that later.

My favorite blogger, Susan B., recently returned from Europe. She spent time in Milan, Paris, and London. She also spent a fair amount of time in the Italian countryside.  She shared her packing list in advance.  IMO, she took too many jeans. She only brought one pair of pants that weren’t jeans.  She is always very well put together, but I thought all the jeans didn’t quite work.   In a recent Instagram post, she said she had ‘hit the wall’ with denim jeans. When she looked at her travel photos, she felt that her jeans looked too casual.

Having been to Europe, specifically Italy, I have observed that jeans are increasingly being worn by women of all ages.  But they still aren’t that common on women 60+ and usually not worn every day.  I do see them more frequently in smaller towns and villages, but not that often in the cities.

We have some Italian friends our age who live in Florence.  I think I have spotted jeans on one of them, once!  It is more common to see Italian women dressed monochromatically and wearing casual slim leg ankle pants, but not jeans. Mireille Guiliano, of French Women fame, also choses not to wear jeans.

That being said, jeans are definitely common on the younger Italian women I have observed (along with pearl stud earrings).

This brings me back to the U.S.

My Montana girlfriends wear jeans most of the time. They look great in them.  Jeans are appropriate there for virtually every occasion.  Depending on the venue, jeans even show up at Montana weddings and funerals.  Jeans on women, regardless of age, are certainly common in the western U.S.

Now back to me. 

While I like jeans on my friends (and my husband), I don’t like them on me.  I have a heck of a time finding a pair that fit right and don’t bag out. And I don’t find them very comfortable. I have one pair that I don’t actually hate (and that is high praise, indeed)! I will definitely pack ONE pair of jeans (that I don’t hate) for our next trip to Europe.  They will be the ticket for certain, but not all, situations.

While this isn’t true for me, I know this quote is true for many of you:

Jeans are always a good idea.


So I guess it is a good thing we don’t live in Montana. I would have nothing to wear!



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