Books on Demand

When I was growing up, a trip to the public library was a real treat. My parents always let me ride my bike to the library. I could stay there for hours. I even loved the bookmobile that used to stop at a park by my house. 

I loved to read and wandered the stalls looking for something to catch my eye.  Sometimes I had something specific in mind, but often I just checked out a book that caught my eye.  

As I grew up, reading for pleasure became less common.  And I stopped going to the library somewhere along the way.  If I wanted a book, I would find a paperback to buy.

I began to frequent bookstores. Does anyone remember Borders?  I liked wandering around there and other bookstores with our daughter, who is also an avid reader.  Now no trip to Portland is complete without a trip to Powells, the world’s largest independent booksellers.

When I find a good bookstore, I usually don’t leave empty handed.  But I am trying to stop acquiring books.  I don’t reread them and they just end up taking up space. My one exception is Canadian literature. I always buy at least one book by a Canadian author when we travel to Canada.

Enter e-books or books ‘on demand’!  They don’t take up any physical space and I can have the exact book I want in the time it takes to download it.  I have my list of must reads and don’t browse other possibilities.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I discovered library e-books.  I could check out the one I wanted and it would be delivered to my Kindle (providing someone hadn’t beat me to it).  I have become a frequent ‘virtual’ patron of our public library.  It has been handy for both e-books and audiobooks.

I just got a notice from the library that my eCard was expiring and I had to get a real library card. I am embarrassed to say that I have never been to my local library!  It is all of 5 minutes away by car.

So off I went to the library.  It is a super cute little building with very nice staff.  I would say that they don’t have a huge selection.  But going there made me think about my younger days.  Maybe sometime soon I could visit the library, just to browse. If I can’t make time for that now, when can I?!

Before I close, I want to do a ‘shout out’ to my friend, KJ.  She is a devoted library patron and I am sure she visits her local library once a week. 

The only thing you ABSOLUTELY have to know is the location of the LIBRARY.

Albert Einstein



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