December Sojourn

We just returned from a very brief sojourn on the Olympic Peninsula (WA). 

My husband and I are usually eager for a sojourn just about anywhere.  But this time, we were reluctant sojourners. We’ve had a busy December and both of us were ‘dragging’.

We had a great trip to the Olympic Peninsula back in early May.  We spent one night at the Cottages at Juan de Fuca then and I was excited to go back for a longer stay.  I hoped we could take a ferry to Victoria this fall and foolishly booked THREE nights!  

I moved the reservations once before and then decided to cancel them all together because of COVID (Omicron) and overall bad timing.  I learned the hard way that a two-week cancellation notice was required, even with COVID in the mix, and I just missed that window. We were stuck paying for three very expensive nights and decided to go this week. The weather forecast was iffy at best.  But we needed to use our reservation by the end of the month and no other time worked for us, so two reluctant travelers drove off in a driving rainstorm!

Note: after the hassle with reservations and our experience this visit, I don’t recommend a stay there.  The cottages are 10 miles off Highway 101 and pricey.  I don’t think the rate is justified for the somewhat shabby cottages.

As soon as we got to the Peninsula, the weather cleared up nicely.  We had a leisurely drive and went out to dinner after we arrived at one of our favorite local spots, the Cedars at Dungeness Double Eagle Steak and Seafood. They have excellent seafood and the fish is always fresh.  We both had a great salmon dinner and, best of all, vaccinations are required for indoor dining!

The next morning we drove for about 20 miles to Port Angeles (in the dark) to walk onto the M.V. Coho for a day trip to Victoria.   The Coho is a very old ferry that has been operated by the Black Ball Ferry Line since 1959.  It makes two runs each day across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  There weren’t many passengers so I’m not sure how long daily trips will be feasible.  Unlike land crossings, Canadians who make a marine crossing don’t get the 72-hour grace period and need to be tested to return to Canada.

As U.S. citizens, we needed proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test (within 3 days) to enter Canada.  We are getting to be old hats at this since this is our second trip to Canada since the border reopened.

The highlight of our SHORT trip was a very fun day in Victoria.  The weather was pleasant, just a few showers.  We went to my favorite spots, Murchies for tea and Munros for books. No trip to Canada is complete without a stop at one of their drug stores.  Fortunately for us, Shoppers Drug Mart was an easy walk from the ferry terminal. 

We capped our day off in Victoria with a holiday cocktail at the Empress, which is always a treat!  We had a smooth ferry ride back to Port Angeles and then a long and dark drive back to the Cottages for night #2.

We decided two nights was plenty!

I hope I learned my lesson about booking reservations without carefully reading and considering the cancellation requirements.  I am sure my husband hopes I learned my lesson, as well!

A journey is like marriage.  The certain way to be wrong is to think you can control it.

John Steinbeck



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