COVID Hopes for 2022

As I write this, this is the front page headline:

State hits daily COVID-19 record (6,140), while residents scramble for tests

Seattle Times, December 29, 2021

What a way to greet 2022!

But before moving on to 2022, I want to pause and be grateful for:

  • Free, safe, and effective vaccines are now widely available
  • Vaccines are approved for children 5 and older
  • Over 70% of our adult population is fully vaccinated
  • Two pills to treat COVID 19 have been newly approved by the FDA
  • I live in Washington state where mask wearing indoors is required and there are a variety of vaccine mandates
  • I play in King County that has a vaccine requirement for indoor dining
  • My family is fully vaccinated
  • My husband and I continue to be COVID free
  • Dr. Fauci hanging in there at age 81!

Now to my 4 main areas of COVID-related irritation as 2021 draws to a close:

  • Rapid tests are tough to find (c’mon, we’ve been at this for a long time)
  • People won’t mask up – I consider masks a very MINOR irritation for safety’s sake
  • If people are wearing masks, many aren’t COVERING THEIR NOSE (my pet peeve)
  • Vaccine continue to be a political hot potato

Looking ahead to COVID in 2022, I hope:

  • Omicron is the last hurrah and, if not, we can figure out a way to manage COVID as an endemic virus like we do the flu
  • Fully vaccinated is redefined as 2 doses and a booster
  • More restaurants, etc. require proof of vaccination for indoor activities.  This has been the deal in B.C. since August.  It seems to be working just fine
  • Somehow, we figure out the magic needed to get more people to put their politics and fear aside and get vaccinated, along with their children  
  • Rapid tests are widely available and affordable
  • People stop making a big deal out of wearing masks and COVER THEIR NOSE in the process
  • We are able to safely travel to Italy in May

These are pretty big HOPES on my part.  I will be curious to look back in December 2022 and see which ones, if any, bear fruit.

Hope – Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope!

Barak Obama, 44th U.S. President

Note: I decided to include our snow photos on this post instead of a yet another picture of the novel coronavirus 😊



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