California Dreaming

The Seattle area has had over 6 inches of rain so far in January.  This is 4 inches more than normal and too much for my taste!  It seems like we have had ‘atmospheric river after atmospheric river’ since November! 

This incessant RAIN has prompted some California dreaming on my part.

By way of background, we lived on the Central Coast of California for much of the 90’s.  Our daughter grew up there.  We left in 2000 to return to Washington state.  At times we ask ourselves, why???? We had tough and demanding jobs during our time in CA and were living like tourists.  We decided it was high time to return to WA to finish our careers.  Our daughter also enrolled at the University of Washington, which sealed the deal. 

We left CA over 20 years ago, but always enjoy a trip back to our Central Coast stomping grounds.  Our last visit to Monterey was just before the pandemic.  It was too short and we vowed to come back for a much longer stay in 2021.  You all know how that plan turned out!  We probably would have made it work this year but have a trip to Hawaii in the works for March.

While it can certainly be rainy in Monterey in January, on average 7 days, it probably won’t top rainy Washington!  We have decided that January is the perfect month for a long escape to California.

In addition to the Mediterranean climate, we love the California culture.  We like the pace, the people, the food, and the wine. Two of our dear friends still live on the Central Coast. 

What also got me California dreaming this week, in addition to our never-ending rain, are pictures our friends posted on Instagram.  With their permission (thanks MG and JP), I made a collage of some of their recent California photos (pictured on this post). 

The beach!  The ocean! The hikes!  The colors! The sun!

I am truly green with envy!

We are determined to make it to California in 2022 for a longer stay.    

But I guess this weather business is all relative. 

My Montana girlfriend is currently on her treadmill because it is too icy to exercise outside.  And it is a beautiful day here; this is a picture of the nearby waterfront.  I’m off for a walk in the sun.


Tacoma, Washington waterfront

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