Daughter Time

Our daughter and grand dog came up for a visit this weekend. It is always such a delight to spend time with our accomplished daughter!

She is super busy with work and it is tough for her to get away under the best of circumstances.  If you throw COVID into the mix, it is even more challenging for us to get together these days!

She is at the time of her life when she is full stop into her career, as is her husband. I remember how precious free time was for us when we were in that mode.  And I know the last thing I wanted was to travel and spend time with my mother! So, it is even more special when the timing works for her to visit…..and that she actually wants to visit to boot 😊.

Many of my friends also have daughters. And their daughters are all busy with their families and careers.  I think all of us see the time we get to spend with these special women during this busy time of their lives as a gift and not to be taken for granted. I know my friends with sons feel the same way.

Spending time with our daughter makes me think about the book, The Rules of Life, by Richard Templar. 

Note: I am a person who LOVES books with lists of rules 😊

Rule #86 is ‘Your Role as a Parent’. Most of the rule involves parenting children.  But two aspects of the rule resonate with me as we embrace our daughter as an adult:

  • To always provide a safe haven for them to come home to
  • To stand up for them
  • To apologize when you are wrong (my add)

Rule #86 is proceeded by Rule #85, ‘Your Role as a Child’.  The key takeaway from this rule is ‘Even if your parents drive you mad, you have a duty to be courteous, thoughtful and cooperative toward your parent’. I am sure I drive my daughter mad at times (most of the time?), but she is totally on top of this rule!

We are looking forward to her next visit.

  “The weaving of life between mother and daughter is just like the making of a basket. As time goes by, the interlacing takes shape and becomes stronger.”

Haley Elizabeth Garwood, Ashes of Britannia



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