Maintenance Mode

We have a 2007 Toyota RAV 4 with over 200,000 miles.  We intended to get a new one but missed the window when they were still available early in the pandemic at a somewhat reasonable price.  Our brilliant daughter beat us to it and she is loving her new RAV hybrid.

We took our old RAV in for routine maintenance last week and expected to hear ‘drive this baby off a cliff’.  When my husband asked our mechanic, Jeremy, about getting a newer used RAV he didn’t endorse that idea.  Jeremy said the newer ones have complicated electronics and are expensive to repair.  He also said that people were buying used cars without getting them inspected and are getting some costly surprises.

The best part of the story is that Jeremy said that our RAV was just fine for our needs and, with regular maintenance, could go another 100,000 – 150,000 miles!  New brakes and new tires will be needed, but that might be enough to keep it going.  I was over the moon at this news 😊!

The RAV story made me think of the Allene story.

There’s Birth, There’s Death, and In Between There is Maintenance!

Tom Robbins

Although it hasn’t been well studied, there is pretty good science out there that suggests aggressive chemo (like I had) accelerates aging – so my biological age is likely older than my chronological age.

With that warning in mind, and since I would like to run for at least 100,000 more miles, I started thinking about my ‘maintenance mode’:

  • I am going to need new tires – likely a hip replacement
  • I will also need new brakes – hearing aids, cataract surgery
  • I will need to attend to my daily maintenance – physical activity, sunscreen, relatively healthy eating, prescription meds, good sleep, lots of water, flossing, a little less alcohol
  • And keep up with my regular oil changes – doctor/dental exams, immunizations, skin checks, colonoscopies, etc.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

I decided I’m fine with focusing exclusively on maintaining our cars, our house, and me.  Even though all three could use a facelift, I am not getting one and neither is our house….. and, thank heavens, neither is our RAV!



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