Rusty Travelers

While we may be Trusted Travelers (according to the Feds), it is more accurate to describe us in 2022 as Rusty Travelers!

We recently returned from a week on Kauai.  It was our first real travel since January 2020 – which now seems like a lifetime ago!

Our travel skills have gotten pretty rusty in the interim.  

I am compulsive about a pre-travel checklist that I was able to dust off.  That was the only good thing! 

We took off the day after the change to daylight savings time, so we had a 3-hour time change to manage both directions.  That was not a good thing.

Then there was the airport ☹.  We didn’t allow enough time for the entire process of parking our car, checking bags, going through security (even with TSA precheck) and taking the shuttle to the gate.

In addition, for Hawaii we needed proof of our COVID 19 vaccination.  I entered the information into their system long before our departure date and we got a ‘green’ QR code.  Well, the code turned out to be irrelevant and we had to go back to the drawing board so we could get the special Hawaii wrist bands needed to board.

After finally getting to the gate and ready to board, I needed another shower!

On another note, no matter how much planning I do I have never been the best packer in the world.  I really blew it for this trip!  I brought too much stuff (as usual) and not enough of the super casual clothes that I ended up wearing every day. On one positive note, I did pack the right shoes 😊.

Probably our biggest lesson learned from this adventure was to allow plenty of time for the whole airport process.  I also hope I will finally learn how to pack – well, a girl can dream!

We have a European trip coming up soon and I think we both are considering our Kauai adventure (and lessons learned) a dry run!

Travel changes you.  As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small.

And in return, life and travel make marks on you.

Anthony Bourdain



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