Gone for Good?

I did a post in April 2021 with my ‘good riddance list’ of things that had gone by the wayside during the pandemic so far. My list was based on an article by one of my favorite Seattle Times humor writers, Ron Judd: ‘From commuting to Costco samples: ‘Ron Judd’s list of 20 things we DON’T need back after the pandemic’.

Ron and I had a fair amount of overlap on our lists, such as:

  • Rush hour commutes
  • Retreats/Trainings/Conferences
  • Food sample cart jams at Costco
  • In person doctor visits
  • Super size buffets – I added potlucks
  • Frisbee size restaurant pagers

A year later, are these now Gone for Good???  Hmmmmm…not so fast!

  • Traffic is easily back to its pre pandemic level, as is travel – even though only 1/3 of Seattle workers have returned to the office.
  • My ‘still working’ friends are retreating and traveling to in-person conferences and trainings
  • At our recent visit to Costco, people were lined up for food samples again
  • I have an in-person doctor visit in June, but am delighted that telehealth is still an option
  • My favorite breakfast buffet at Marriott Residence Inns was gone for a number of months, replaced by a to go bag with sugary yoghurt, apple juice, and a granola bar ☹.  I am pleased to learn that their breakfast is back and much improved!
  • I’ve held two restaurant pagers in the past month

Of note, here are a few good things that do appear to be gone for good:

  • Real cups and plates at most Starbucks – you can bring your own cup or buy one from their vast selection! Their one use cups still head to the landfill.
  • Popcorn while you wait at Les Schwab Tires – I never had the popcorn, but a loss is a loss 😊
  • And, most importantly, we lost our beloved Yulie (7/22/21) ☹

History repeats itself over and over again, but most of us have short memories.

Mike Colter



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