‘Pack Smart’????

In addition to packing clothes, etc., for our upcoming trip we also have to Pack Smart!  ‘Pack Smart’ refers to the CDC website filled with all the fun goodies needed for traveling safely these days, such as:

Prescription meds

Medical supplies

I have a medic alert bracelet that I never wear, but it is coming with me for this trip

Over the counter meds

I’m adding Nyquil and Mucinex in case we develop COVID symptoms

Supplies to prevent illness and injury

  • Hand sanitizer, of course
  • Earplugs – my daughter got me going on Loop earplugs and I am giving them a try.  I love the colors
  • Hydrocortisone cream – a must because I am a mosquito magnet


  • Passports
  • Information regarding the nearest US Consulate

I am adding to these to the list because we are still in COVID mode

  • KN 95 masks
  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Oximeter
  • Rapid antigen tests (8!)
  • Special rapid test kits so we can get online results to return to the U.S.

Note: We ordered eMed BinaxNOW tests from Optum. My friends, who travel to the UK frequently, use Testing for All

Whew! My friend asked me how big of a suitcase I plan on bringing😊! I feel like I might need a separate suitcase for this list alone!

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.”

Paulo Coelho



3 thoughts on “‘Pack Smart’????

  1. Thank you so much for this post, Allene. I’ve starred it for future travel. All the best to you and Rick on your special journey!!


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