Ciao for Now

We will be heading out on our European adventure shortly. It is so good to have a reliable house sitter here while we are gone!

I will post as I can and will likely be active on Instagram @travelswithallene. 

One of my favorite things to do is to observe fashion on ‘Italian women of a certain age’.  You can bet I will be posting my observations!

These last few weeks have been interesting (not in a good way).  My temperament is being tested for its risk tolerance!

Every day is something new:

  • COVID is increasing
  • And the grim news that the ‘elderly’, regardless of vaccination status, are now even more vulnerable and Paxlovid can’t be prescribed prophylactically (I know because I tried ☹)
  • The war in Ukraine is a daily disaster
  • Russia is cutting off gas to Poland and Bulgaria unless they pay in rubles (Italy sources 40% of its gas imports from Russa)
  • Prices are on the rise and the stock market is not – I can only imagine what we will be paying for food and to gas up our car in Italy!

My husband has had his moments too.  He has managed those by visualizing ‘already being there’. Today’s collage is my attempt at a similar ‘visualization’.

Everything you can imagine is real

Pablo Picasso

On that note, time for a cappuccino!

So, ciao for now,



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