Americans in Genoa

That would be us! While Genoa has a population of almost 700,000, it tends to be off the American tourist map. We have always liked the city, we especially enjoyed being back after 3 long years!

It was only a 45 minute train ride. The length of the journey varies based on the number of stops on the schedule.

A note on masks, while they are required and there is a penalty, there is no enforcement. I’m not sure if a ‘no train’ list is maintained, but I doubt it. I would guess that 80% were masked and about 50% actually covered their noses.

But back to Genoa. We were able to see a Monet exhibit at the Palazzo Ducale. What a treat! We saw Monet’s Rose Garden series for the first time. I was in awe and the setting inside the Palazzo was perfect.

We had lunch nearby at our favorite outdoor cafe. While I didn’t see anybody sleeping in a tent, people asking for money is pretty common. We had 4 people approach us just while we were eating lunch.

Going to Genoa is always a BIG day for us, so we made it an early night.

Sorry these posts are on the short side. My set up is kind of clunky!

Stay tuned for a fashion update next week.




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