Italians are always cold!

It is 70 sunny degrees here and, to us, it feels like summer! Italians on the other hand are still dressing as though it is a cool spring. Italians tend not to like AC and to always be chilly.

That gave me a chance to observe some Italian spring fashion, both on the streets and in shop windows. My observations are limited to Genoa and the fairly affluent Riviera town where we are staying. It has a population of about 18,000, primarily Italians (no real sign of expats), and has a large over 65 population (31%). It hasn’t been a big tourist destination, but that is quickly changing. It was very busy this weekend!

Now to my fashion observations:

First shoes– beige/navy/black sneakers are worn by people of all ages (see picture in the lower right of the collage). If they are wearing other shoes, they tend to have block heels (see picture in the upper middle of the collage). I’m seeing espadrilles (see picture on the upper left) on a few people and also in store windows. Birkenstocks are still common on women of all ages.

Now onto coats – jean jackets are common (see lower left picture), along with quilted vests and some women are still wearing quilted jackets. I also spotted a number of toppers, which are lightweight coats worn like a blazer (see upper left photo)

Pants– I am seeing very long full pants. I also spotted a fair number of women in short, flared jeans with sneakers (see lower middle picture). Ankle pants are still around, but I haven’t seen many older women in skinny jeans. I did see some women on the street today in shorts, which I haven’t seen before.

Handbags– cross body bags are common, along with totes in various fabrics

Athleisure– only for hiking or running. I have seen a number of younger girls in knee length Adidas shorts.

Hair – while a lot of older women are still blonde, I am seeing much more gray hair than in past years

Colors – neutrals are still a big part of what people are wearing on the streets, but I saw some printed tops and lots of bright colors for summer in the store windows.

My favorite look so far is the women in the upper right hand corner of the collage. She is a head to toe match with her dog. You can’t see her handbag or sneakers in the pic, but they are a perfect match as well!

We are going to Florence next week, so I may have more fashion news later.

Reporting from the Italian Riviera,


And on a somewhat unrelated note, I see why Italian women rarely wash their hair. The water is hard and makes my hair like straw – đŸ˜’ not a good look!


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