Zanzari Attack!

Zanzari are mosquitoes in Italian. Italian mosquitoes are very small, vicious, blood sucking beasts! And they love me!

We visited the Italian Riviera back in September 2018. We expected fall weather, but it was still a very toasty month. The Zanzari were out in force and I was eaten alive (during the time of Zika). Since that unpleasant experience we visit in the spring.

The last time we were here in Spring 2019, the temperature was mild and in the 60’s.

We visited Florence last week and the temperature that day was 84. This year, most of the time has felt like summer. And Spring 2022 turned out to be prime Italian Zanzari weather and they were waiting for me!

Fortunately, I brought Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream, which helped. But I didn’t bring mosquito repellent, so I went to a trusty pharmacy for help. Pharmacists are definitely front line care providers in Italy. The pharmacist I consulted with took one look at the lesions on my arm and recommended a product with DEET. I only get bit during the night, so I applied it before I went to bed. It was SO STRONG! So, the next day I purchased a product with Picaridin instead. It is still unpleasant, but a big improvement. Note to my fellow travelers, Italy doesn’t sell Benadryl tablets, so load up before you go!

All roads for a comfortable trip lead to packing right. We both brought too many clothes for the 60’s and hardly any for 75 degrees plus! I should have packed all summer clothes plus one cardigan for a few random chilly days at the front end of our stay. And, of course, I have clothes at home that would have worked, but they didn’t land in my suitcase! But one thing I did bring was an old fashioned hand held fan. It is a life saver!

I think with climate change, it is just too difficult to predict the weather anywhere. The Mediterranean is considered a climate change ‘hot spot’ due to pronounced warming and drying. So it is even more difficult to predict the weather here and Zanzari season and to pack accordingly!



2 thoughts on “Zanzari Attack!

  1. Great information! I too am a major draw to biting mosquitoes plus any other biting bugs. Tom rarely gets bitten. Enjoy the remainder of your trip.


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