Montana Family Time

We are on a long overdue trip to SW Montana – thanks to COVID for the delay! We haven’t been here since 2019. Our older grandson is now taller than his grandpa (!), he has his driving permit (!!), and drove us during our visit (!!!). The two boys are changing fast and it is so good to catch up!

We are staying at a cute condo in Manhattan, MT. Yes, there is a Manhattan in Montana too! It is a studio with air conditioning and a washing machine. The temperatures were in the 90’s, so both have been put to good use.

During our visit, we were able to visit some land in a remote area that our family purchased a few years ago. They have built a small log cabin last summer.

It was an amazing day and I am on awe of what they have accomplished on the property!

I do want to note that this is in a fairly inaccessible area that requires a hike in and out. It is one of the most rugged hikes I have done in many a year! It took me almost an hour each way on a trail the boys can probably do in 15 minutes flat. My excuse is the altitude of almost 6000 feet, when I am acclimated to sea level. If it wasn’t the altitude, I am sure I could come up with another excuse!

Our son-in-law works in Yellowstone Park. He had a Bird’s eye view of the recent flooding. It looks like it may be awhile before the northern part of the park is reopened. The wildlife is probably enjoying a break in the action, the tourist industry not so much!

It is always good to return to Montana. Every place is changing, but this area seems to be on an accelerated clip. I went to college here and I can’t find my way around 50 years later. Thank heavens we have great hosts who know this area like the back of their hands!

But the BIG sky and the clear air are magical as always! Each time we come back, we remind ourselves how important regular visits are. It is always wonderful to see our family and friends. We need our yearly dose of Montana.


P.S. masks indoors are a rare sight so far. Most people don’t react when we wear one, but a guy was grumbling about our masks when we ate out. I decided to take the high road and ignore him…just this once!


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