Work Song

Work Song is a 2010 book by Ivan Doig about Butte, MT, but that isn’t what this post is about.  But it is about work:

work song, any song that belongs to either of two broad categories: songs used as a rhythmic accompaniment to a task and songs used to make a statement about work.

Encyclopedia Britannica

I left my long-time job in governmental public health back in 2018.  It is hard to believe that it has been 4 years!  I intended to work until I was 70, but not in a fulltime job that required a long commute.  I was super fortunate to be hired by the University of Washington to moderate a monthly public health webinar. I have been doing that for about 3 years and the time has come for me to transition out of that role.

A recent article in AARP got me thinking about ‘why to keep working after retirement’:

  1. A cushion for your savings
  2. Exercise for your brain
  3. Overall health
  4. A sense of community
  5. A sense of purpose
  6. A chance to give back
  7. Good times
  8. Serving the greater good

All 8 of these reasons resonated, but one of them really caught my eye – exercise for your brain. They talk about a particular kind of benefit by switching to a different type of job or role, which might help slow cognitive decline.

Note: Other than the financial benefit , all these are also gained through volunteering.

Most of my friends are no longer working.  But all of them are pretty darn busy and active.  I do want to call out one friend in particular.  She was a neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurse.  Her new (volunteer) role/hobby is doing household projects for herself and others, such as painting and other related activities.  She has great taste and always loved houses, so this is a good fit for her and a complete departure from her NICU days!

My post retirement gig was in my field.  While I was able to stay engaged and work with great people, I didn’t have the opportunity for ‘novelty processing’ gained by switching to a completely different job.

This prompted me to think about what I really might have wanted to do.  My passion, in addition to blogging, is COLOR!  I am completely intrigued with color analysis and love to guess people’s season and note when a color they are wearing does, or doesn’t, work for them.  It is expensive to be trained and there isn’t really a market for color analysis in the Northwest (black and neutrals rule), so I will keep it a hobby for now.


And Happy Birthday to my meilleur ami!

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