Family History

I was going to title this post ‘Aging OK’, but some recent events changed my tune a bit.

On with the post –

I was reading one of the gillion articles out there on aging, looking younger, etc.  I am not down with the whole idea of ‘looking younger’.  I have always been open about my age which is almost 70 (my candor may have been detrimental at times in this ageist society). I am fine with looking ALMOST 70.  No one will confuse me for a 60-year-old, but I also hope that no one thinks I am 80 either! 😊

Back the article, ‘10 things that make you look and feel older than you are’.  I like this one a bit better, because the focus isn’t exclusively on looking younger. 

Here are the 10 things:

  1. Being out of style (no pastel sweatshirts embroidered with flowers or birds)
  2. Sleep deprivation
  3. Being grumpy
  4. Never trying or learning anything new
  5. Isolating yourself
  6. Worry
  7. Being a couch potato*
  8. Lying in bed most of the day
  9. Being negative
  10. Holding onto anger

I like all of these tips and think they make sense. 

I, on the other hand, have a family history that is now coming home to roost and making me feel older than I am (and probably making me look older too)!  My dad died from colon cancer and suffered from macular degeneration in his later years.  I hoped to avoid both!  So far, no luck!

I just had what I hoped was my last colonoscopy and had a precancerous polyp removed.  I am glad it is gone, but it means at least one more colonoscopy in my future ☹.  And I saw my optometrist and he found some early macular degeneration.  Thanks Dad for both!

So, what’s next? 

I am now taking AREDS 2 for my eyes.  I am trying to adhere more closely to a Mediterranean diet and increasing my fiber intake which hopefully will be helpful to prevent colon cancer and stabilize my vision. According to this article by a Registered Dietician, good nutrition isn’t necessarily a silver bullet!

*The one thing I am totally committed to is daily exercise! The American Cancer Society recommends 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity/week.  I am trying to walk 45-60 minutes each day.

Exercise is roughly the only equivalent of a fountain of youth that exists today, and it’s free to everyone.

S. Jay Olshansky


2 thoughts on “Family History

  1. I’m so much on target with you! Trying to exercise and eat for getting stronger and healthy. I too must have yet one more colonoscopy, having hoped this last month to be my last. My eyes are similar as well. I’m on latanoprost as a precaution because I have risk factors and get checked twice a year for macular degeneration. So far no negative changes over several years. Seems we have a handle on our aging bodies and enjoying a fruitful life. 💜


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