My husband and I feel like we have been traveling non-stop for the past few months.  So, now it is staycation time for me!


a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

I am not a fan of the summer months in general but, since summer happens regardless, the Pacific Northwest is the place to be!  We usually have mild summers with temps in the 70’s.  We have occasional hot spells and sometimes a chilly marine layer.  But by and large, it is lovely here. And the flowers can’t be beat.

So why not enjoy a staycation for the next few months? And it feels like the safest call with COVID 19 on the rise again.

I do have a bit of work to do and an appointment or two.  Other than that, it is clear staycation sailing.

I am looking forward to lots of reading on my deck or front porch.  I will be taking daily long walks with some ice coffee as a treat afterward. I have friends nearby to meet for walks, lunch, and a happy hour or two.  I am sure there will also be at least one movie that catches our eye. My girlfriend and I just saw Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and thought it was delightful. What’s not to like about Dior couture from the 1950’s?

But most of my time will be spent outside.

I hope we can catch up with some of our nearby family. My husband and I plan a day trip to Mt. Rainier for a wildflower hike.

Back to the topic of reading, I have a stack as usual.  I am now getting eBooks from the library and have more downloaded than I can possibly manage. 

Here is my list so far:

I just finished Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty and LOVED it!  It didn’t hurt that the main character is also 69 years old. I tried listening to it but the narrator’s voice irritated me 😊.  But I loved reading it!

I am just starting the Tommy and Tuppence mysteries by Agatha Christie.  They were first published in the 1920’s, just after World War 1.  The language is priceless, old girl!

My mystery club girlfriends are starting the Maggie Hope series, set during World War 2.  We will also be reading Crying in H Mart.

I’m carefully reading The Whole Body Reset which is based on a Mediterranean diet with a focus on spreading adequate protein and fiber throughout the day. It was developed by AARP for the midlife+ age group.

And I have a laundry list of other books in the mix, as usual.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

Mason Cooley

I am sure more staycation ideas will pop up but, for now, I’m the one with a nose in a book!


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