The Mountain

People who live in the Puget Sound area tend to refer to Mount Rainier as ‘the mountain’.  The mountain is out; did you see the mountain today?; is there a view of the mountain?, etc.

While I see the mountain almost every day, I must admit that I have only been to Mount Rainier National Park twice.  Thursday marked my second visit.

As part of our ‘staycation’, my husband and I drove to Sunrise.  Sunrise’ elevation is 6,400 feet and it is the highest spot in Mount Rainier National Park that you can go by car.  It is a little over 2 hours from our house, including a stop for the inevitable summer road construction

We went on a Thursday and the (large) parking lot barely had a spot available.  There are a number of trails so fortunately it didn’t feel too crowded.  We did an out and back and checked out the Emmons glacier overlooks along the Silver Forest trail.  It is supposed to be an ‘easy’ trail, but it was plenty for us in the warm weather! It was pretty toasty for that high up – 72 degrees and the sun was blazing! 

The views of the mountain were spectacular, as were the views of Emmons glacier. Both can be seen from nearly every vista!  Normally, this is the peak of the wildflower bloom, but we had a wet spring.  The wildflowers are a few weeks late, but we did see lupin, paintbrush, and spreading phlox.  They were all so lovely!

“Of all the fire mountains which like beacons, once blazed along the Pacific Coast, Mount Rainier is the noblest.”

-John Muir

On another note, I think we all heard that the President tested positive for COVID 19 on Thursday.

I got an additional dose of the vaccine on Tuesday and breezed through it with just a sore arm and a little fatigue.

And for people who are 50 years of age or older, my message is simple: If you have not gotten a vaccine shot in the year 2022, if you’ve not gotten one this year, please go get another vaccine shot.  You are eligible for your first booster or second booster wherever you are in your vaccination schedule.  If you’ve not gotten a vaccine shot this year, go get one now.  It could save your life.

Ashish Jha, M.D., COVID 19 Response Coordinator for the White House, 7/12/22

The President clearly followed Dr. Jha’s advise and is fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice.  He is also taking Paxlovid and reporting mild symptoms.

Wishing him a speedy and uneventful recovery.


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