Reading Outdoors

I saw this article on reading outside in the NYT.  Like the author, I am also an outdoor reader in the summer months as are many of my friends.

I started reading outdoors as a child.  We had a lovely golden willow tree in our backyard that was a perfect shady spot in the heat.  I remember sitting under the tree reading away.  I also climbed the tree with my book for a little adventure.

When we travel, finding a spot to read outdoors is a must.  I don’t really do beach vacations anymore (my skin can’t take the sun), but I used to spend time on the beach with a book.  When I gather with my girlfriends by a pool ( a rare event), we always find the shade and spend some time reading…..and doing a lot of talking! 

I love being by a lake or anywhere in nature with a book.

For the last few summers, I have set up my front porch as my afternoon reading spot.  My husband made it private with some flower boxes.  I have a couple of comfortable chairs with pillows and a nearby table for my beverage of choice.  I knit some ‘outdoor’ blankets last year that I grab if it is on the chilly side.  It is a rare day that goes by in the summer that I don’t spend an hour or two reading on the porch. 

The NYT article gives some suggestions for books to read outside.  I am not that picky.  I just go with the book I am currently reading 😊.

“There are only a handful of non-negotiables when it comes to plein-air reading: sunscreen, hydration, repeat.”

Elisabeth Egan and Erica Ackerberg

And, wouldn’t you know it, there are even some tangible benefits from reading outside (although I would argue these are benefits of reading regardless of the location):

  1. Develop your mind
  2. Benefit from the sunshine vitamin
  3. Boost your memory
  4. Enhance your vocabulary
  5. Sharpen your reading and writing skills
  6. Lengthen your concentration
  7. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  8. Widen your imagination
  9. Lower your stress

So, ‘grab a book, get outside, and relax while reading.


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