As I near 70, I am trying not to turn into a grumpy old woman!

My mom was on the grumpy side (a bit of an understatement).  She could be wonderful, but nobody would confuse her with someone positive and upbeat!  My aunt, on the other hand, was the epitome of positive and upbeat.  She never had children and was a joy to be around.  My mom had me and, on the other hand, was a tough customer!

Maybe I was the problem?

My mom was born in 1910 and was 2 years older than my aunt.  They were raised on a homestead in SE Montana with no access to medical care.  My aunt had a dislocated hip since she was a baby.  She finally had hip surgery in her 60’s or so.  Having chronic pain myself, I can only imagine how much pain my aunt was in for most of her life.  That can certainly lead to ‘grumpiness’ as a minimum.  But my aunt never complained that I knew of.

Despite her disability, my aunt lived a long life and died at 92.  Interestingly, my mom died at 84.  There might be some science here…..

This article made me think of my own aunt.  The author also had a kind and good-natured aunt and has come up with a list of 9 actions to take so you won’t be a grumpy old woman. 

  1. Be Patient with Children – do you remember adults who treated you well?  Return the favor.
  • Don’t Fear Teenagers – we’ve all been there
  • Be Open to Technology – yes!  Technology is wonderful for connecting to people of all ages
  • Let Go of Grudges – it is difficult to be positive and optimistic and hold a grudge
  • Be generous – live from a place of gratitude
  • Live in the Light – enjoy natural light and wear bright colors 😊
  • Engage in Activities You Enjoy – for me, hanging out with my husband, family, and friends, walking, movies, reading, and travel
  • Stop Complaining About Your Health – find something else to talk about (I’m guilty)
  • Be Social – we all need people in our lives

The line between angry young woman and grumpy old lady is very fine.

Judy Horacek


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