August with Agatha

There are several current events I could cover today:

  • The midterm elections
  • Ongoing climate crises – floods, etc.
  • Polio in wastewater
  • MPV (Monkeypox)
  • Parents refusing to or reluctant to vaccinate their children ☹ – prepare for outbreaks ahead
  • New COVID 19 boosters
  • CDC’s pandemic response and communication missteps
  • Etc.

But I think I am going to stick with a much more upbeat topic: MURDER!

I am spending the dog days of summer with Agatha Christie

It all began when we started watching Poirot on PBS earlier this summer.  We quickly ran out of episodes so we subscribed to BritBox so we could binge to our hearts’ content.  We particularly like Hugh Fraser as Captain Hastings; more on him later.

I also came across an article in Town and Country about Agatha Christies’ 10 favorites among her many books.  And I was off to the Christie races:

Here is her list:

  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)– I listened to this.  Hugh Fraser is the narrator and knocks it out of the ballpark!  I was stumped until the end.
  • The 13 Problems (1932) – these are short stories all featuring Miss Marple.  The stories are told by the same group of people so although they stand alone, they all still hang together.  And Mrs. Marple ALWAYS prevails!
  • Murder on the Orient Express (1934) – I have seen it on the screen many times, but I haven’t read it.  I am on the library waitlist.
  • Then There Were None (1939) – I have also seen it but haven’t read it.  I am waitlisted.
  • The Moving Finger (1943) -another Miss Marple.  I am on the waitlist.
  • Towards Zero (1944) – this is a Superintendent Battle book and my first time with that character.  It has probably been my favorite so far.  The murderer was a complete surprise!  I want to read more of her books featuring this character.
  • Crooked House (1949) – I am starting on this next
  • A Murder is Announced (1950) – Another Miss Marple that I will read after the Moving Finger comes my way
  • Ordeal by Innocence (1958) – I have seen this several times on the screen and I have also read it so am checking it off.
  • Endless Night (1967) – I will read this last.

I love the language she uses in her books and her descriptions of the era.  Everyone is addressed formally, dresses for dinner, and seems to have at least one servant😊.  A different time for sure!  It is hard to believe that her first mystery was written almost 100 years ago.  I think her observations of human nature stand the test of time.  And I think the mysteries are tough to beat.

Spending August with Agatha is a treat and a great escape from the current events listed above!

“Every murderer is probably somebody’s old friend.”

Agatha Christie



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