Micro Moments

I was reading a post about Les Petits Bonheurs – little day-to-day joys, simple pleasures, small moments of happiness in French.

The author had some good examples:

A nap in the middle of the afternoon, a glass of wine while reading that latest best seller, a walk in the park

Kay Margaret Kay

I have done a post on simple pleasures before.  I agree with her list and can add some of my own ideas.

On a particularly hot afternoon, when I was thoroughly sick of summer weather, I got to thinking.  Instead of ‘small moments’ of happiness, how about going even more granular and finding ‘micro moments’ of happiness?

I had great fun coming up with this partial list:

  • My soy tea latte every morning
  • Shared laughter
  • My first sips of a cold and crisp sauvignon blanc during our evening happy hour
  • An email from the library that the book I have been waiting for is available to download
  • My husband’s dahlias
  • A visit from a talkative hummingbird
  • Spotting my autumn colors
  • Crossing the border into Canada
  • And, the best of all, waking up to a marine layer after a particularly long hot spell 😊

I quickly realized that this list of micro moments could be infinite……and I think that is a good thing!



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