I am flying to the mountains next week and am in planning/packing mode.  I ALWAYS talk a good game about limiting what I bring to my carry on only.  And I ALWAYS bring too much!

On this trip I am going to actually try and ‘walk my talk’ and stick with what comfortably fits in my carry on.

I will likely check my bag on the front end but will plan on keeping it with me on my return flight.  And I have the additional challenge of needing to lift my carry on into the overhead bin ☹.

Back to the trip, I love autumn and I love time in the mountains! 

As we all know, weather is no longer predictable.  And I think that is particularly true for the mountains.  Every time I look at the forecast it changes and my packing list changes accordingly. 

As of now, the daytime highs are ranging from 69 – 72 degrees (long sleeves for me).  Nights are darn chilly and will be down in the 40’s.  There is a chance of rain so a dreaded raincoat needs to fit, as well.

A spa day is in the mix, so a swimsuit is the mix as well.  And I will need to bring some clothes for exercise.

All this quickly adds up to too much stuff!

I am down to:

  • 5 tops (one for each day, no spilling allowed)
  • A cardigan for the plane
  • 2 pairs of pants, which includes jeans for the plane
  • 2 pairs of shoes, which includes sneakers for the plane
  • Raincoat and lightweight vest
  • Swimsuit, cover-up, flip flops
  • PJ’s

I haven’t actually put all of this in my suitcase yet….but I am hopeful that I might have achieved my goal. 

I will report back!

“Just in case” is the curse of packing.

Alexandra Potter



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