On a recent episode of 60 Minutes, President Biden said the ‘pandemic is over’ but there is still work underway. I don’t think most scientists are on the same page as the President, but most of the public seems to be.

In early 2020, I appointed myself a ‘COVID Cop’.  I’ve had a lot to say since then about COVID and had a lot of opinions about what was right and what was wrong. 

I’ve decided it is time for me to turn in my imaginary COVID cop badge and keep my opinions to myself (and my poor husband).

But before I turn in my badge, I have one last article that I think is worth a read: 10 Tips for Coexisting with COVID (and living a normal-ish life) by Tara Pope from the Washington Post.  She has reported on COVID-19 from the get-go.

Here are her 10 tips:

  1. Get a booster shot
  2. Mask when it’s easy – mask in the grocery store when its crowded, etc.
  3. Mask when you travel – mask in security lines, while in the airport, when boarding, and when deplaning. It isn’t as necessary when the plane is off the ground because of the ventilation system.  That being said, she still masks on planes as do I  
  4. Avoid crowds if possible– you still may want to wear a mask at movies or at the theater
  5. Check community transmission levels – ours is on the lower side right now
  6. Have a Paxlovid plan – check with your provider before an infection
  7. Think about indoor air – consider a portable air cleaner (it might also be handy for wildfire smoke)
  8. Use home tests wisely – be cautious if you have symptoms, even with a negative home test
  9. Stay home when you are sick
  10. Plan around the most vulnerable person in your orbit – be vigilant about masking, testing, and high-risk situations.

The bottom line is that it’s not all or nothing. There’s lots of reasons we shouldn’t be just vaxxed and done. One infection with the virus can sideline you or disrupt your life or the lives of those around you very easily.

Gregg Gonsalves, epidemiologist and associate professor at Yale School of Public Health

I do reserve the right to re-appoint myself as a COVID cop if needed. 😊



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