Today’s title is a quote from the Bullet that Missed by Richard Osman.  I love his Murder Club series and am thoroughly enjoying the 3rd installment.  The lead characters are in their 70-80’s and are living life to the fullest in a senior living environment, with humor to boot.

Speaking of happy, I was talking to my meilleurs ami a few weeks ago and told her that I was about as happy right now as I have ever been.  I have an amazing husband and the family is all doing well.  I have great friends! My husband and I are finally content with where we live (we don’t want to even contemplate the expense and hassle of moving).  And I am also bien dans sa peau (comfortable in my own skin, although I have too much skin ☹).  I like being healthy enough to walk every day, seeing my autumn colors this time of year, and being able to travel with my husband or my friends.

There is an argument for NOT feeling happy right now.  The pandemic continues and climate change is a reality.  The politics of our country are painful, prices are WAY up, and I worry about the world our grandchildren will inherit.

I don’t choose to bury my head in the sand to these realities, but I can also choose to be happy right now and keep my sense of humor.

I came across a post: Finding Happiness at Any Age Depends on These Six Things by Julie Ambachew. Apparently, individuals in their mid-sixties report their happiness going up, compared to how happy they felt at 50.

Here are the 6 things happiness depends on:

  • Stay present – Being a person who can succumb to anxiety, I know how important it is to be in the moment.  My daily meditation practice is a big help!
  • Keep moving – I walk daily and am happy to report that I now have a friend in the neighborhood who also loves to walk.  We have a standing date every Monday.
  • Be a lifelong learner – I love to keep up on new ideas and current events.
  • Get the support you need – this includes friends, family, support groups, and a therapist if needed
  • Nurture your relationships – I am so fortunate to have my husband of 44(!) years, along with family and friends.
  • Activate your bucket list – For us, it is all about travel, including regular trips to Canada and as much time in Italy as possible!

I’m going to add a 7th thing my happiness also depends on – Be grateful.

 “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” 

Dalai Lama




  1. We are so often in sync. I choose to be happy, content and grateful. It is a daily routine that maintains that balance. I won’t deny I have moments of anxiety about all we are facing. I try to practice all the ways you mention to limit the time it stays with me. It is a daily endeavour because we are inundated with scary news every day. I am grateful for your friendship and trying hard to have ongoing faith in our country, our people, and the world.


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