In Seattle:

Historically, July has the most sunshine, with 312 hours on average. Sunshine declines in fall and winter, a time known as the Big Dark, with only 53 hours on average in December., 10/22/22

This is the first year I have heard the term, ‘the big dark’.  But it is an apt description of our very short days this time of year.  While this November has been sunny, in past years it is our rainiest month.  With gray skies, it is hard to figure out when the sun set without checking my phone. 

Sunset today is 4:31 PM.

Speaking of sunset, Google photos sent me a collage of many of my sunset photos.  They were taken in Washington, Hawaii (the most spectacular sunsets), and Italy.  I have a thing about taking pictures at dusk as the sun goes down.

I love the sky as the sun is setting – when I can see it, that is 😊.  But I must admit that during the late fall and winter I much prefer being home at dusk with the lights on.

My mom did not like dusk in the winter months.  She said it made her feel lonely.  I imagine that was particularly true for those 12 years she lived alone after my dad died.

Seeing my sunset collage made me think of my mom and her loneliness in the early evening hours.

Long dead and buried in another town, my mother isn’t finished with me yet.

Louise Penny, The Madness of Crowds

On the subject of of Louise Penny, her new book: A World of Curiosities, is being released on November 29th.

For me, reading a book by Louise Penny is the perfect way to spend my time in ‘the big dark’!

Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark.

Kate DiCamillo



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