Yes, you can argue that I have been 70 for all of 3 full days, but I’m the first in my Montana crowd to hit the 7th decade.  I do have 4 friends hot on my tail, but I’m first and can share my 70-year-old ‘wisdom’, such as it is! 😊

First, my birthday weekend was amazing!  My Montana stepdaughter and our 2 grandsons flew to Seattle on Friday.  We picked them up and met up with Santa at Nordstrom, cruised through Pike Place Market and then had a late lunch at Uwajimaya in the International District.  It is our 16-year-old grandson’s favorite stop and he LOVES their Poke.

Our daughter, her husband, and our grand dog, Herbie, joined the party on Friday night. On Saturday, my husband took the boys to the Pt Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, since our 10-year-old grandson LOVES live fish. We then gathered at Duke’s on the Tacoma waterfront for a late lunch.

Saturday night turned into the celebration, mainly because my husband picked up my gluten free lemon birthday cake from Corinna’s bakery that day and I couldn’t wait to try it!

The snow fell hard on Sunday (my birthday), which is one of the reasons my Oregon stepdaughter and her family couldn’t make it for the day.  But my celebration continued with gifts, pork carnitas, and a Seahawks victory.

The Montana crew flew out on Monday morning and our daughter also returned to Portland.

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!  It was such a gift to have our daughter, her husband, my stepdaughter and our grandsons all here to celebrate! And Herbie was a great addition!

And then, I came down with a bug.  It is my first respiratory illness since COVID came along.  Fortunately, my PCR is negative and I am well vaxxed on all fronts. Time for lots of tea and naps to boot.

Now, here are my pearls of wisdom as I enter my 7th decade…..

People are most important – my husband, my family, and my friends both old and new

Never taking health for granted– I’m late to the ‘taking care of my health’ game and that is a big regret!  I needed to eat less, drink less, and move more through the years.  Here’s hoping it isn’t too late to stem the tide, even a little

The importance of having just enough – We need enough resources to take care of our needs (a new water heater, new air conditioner, and a recent unexpected car repair), as well as some of our wants (travel).  As my first friend says, she can have (almost) anything she wants, but not everything she wants.  Those are wise words!

In closing, since I intend to remain ‘cool long into my 70’s, I’m going with this quote from one of my birthday cards:

Turning 70 used to be something old people did. Now, apparently, it’s something cool people do.


Cheers to 70 years!



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