ordinary time

Ordinary Time is a term commonly used in the Catholic Church.  I imagine other Christian denominations use it or something similar.

What does Ordinary Time mean? Why is Ordinary time called “ordinary”? When is Ordinary Time in the liturgical year?

Although it might come as a surprise, Ordinary Time is not called “ordinary” based on its level of importance. The origin of the name Ordinary Time comes from the Latin word ordinalis, which means “numbered.” Ordinary Time, which occurs between Christmas and Lent then again between Easter and Advent, signifies a numbered (or ordered) list of Sundays that anchor our daily lives in the Catholic Church.

The Religious Teacher

Based on that definition, this year Ordinary Time begins after Epiphany on January 8th and ends at the beginning of Lent on February 22. It will start again after Pentecost on May 28th and last until Advent begins on December 3rd.

I like the idea of ‘ordinary time’. 

I’m getting a jump start on ‘ordinary time’ this year. On January 1, our seasonal decorations came down, along with the lights.  No more festivities are planned for a bit and I am going to slow down and savor ‘ordinary time’. 

Each year I look forward to the holidays but I also look forward to the return of ‘ordinary time’ come January.

By some miracle, I’ve managed to stay somewhat focused on healthy eating and physical activity through the holidays, but I want to step it up a notch.  ‘ordinary time’ allows me the space to do just that!

I also just enjoy the ordinary things that anchor our daily lives. 

I am grateful for and look forward to:

  • waking up and having a cup of tea,
  • meditating (2023 intention),
  • a morning walk,
  • some chores or errands,
  • reading in the afternoon,
  • and watching an old movie or British series with my husband each night. 

It may sound boring but ‘ordinary time’ works for me as January gets underway!



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