I met my first friend in Seattle earlier this week.  It was one of those amazing days that can come our way in January. The temperature was in the 50’s.

As I drove up I-5, the sun was out and the skies were so blue.  When I got off the freeway, I had a spectacular view of the snowcapped Cascade Mountains. 

We always meet in the Mount Baker neighborhood near Lake Washington.  The grass was green (note, we always have green grass in the winter) and kids were playing in the nearby park. 

The day ended with a glorious pink sunset.

The day reminded me of why I love spring in the Pacific Northwest.  Spring is a mercurial season here, but when it is sunny, green, and the flowers are blooming, it is tough to top.

As I write this, rain is in our forecast for the next several days.  So, we will be back to our typical January weather pattern.

Speaking of rain and flooding, poor California!  They have been in for it and more atmospheric rivers are heading their way.

We lived in California during the 90’s and I worked in local public health.  I clearly remember the floods of 1995.  Here is a link for more information on that event.  I spent a few nights in Monterey County Emergency Management Center.  I remember trying to figure out how to drive home the next morning. The highway to our house was under water due to the Salinas River flooding. The scenes brought to mind what the aftermath of a nuclear attack might look like ☹.

While we have floods here, nothing really compares to what can happen in California.  I think that is particularly true after a long drought.

And it sounds like 2023 is one of the worse years for flooding in California in recent memory! At least 17 people have died so far.

For some goofy reason, I keep thinking about the 1972 song, ‘It Never Rains in Southern California:

It never rains in California
But girl, don’t they warn ya?
It pours, man, it pours

Albert Hammond

We have dear friends who live in California and are concerned about them as well as everyone there who is experiencing storm after storm. The pictures and stories are devastating.

It can stop pouring anytime!



2 thoughts on “SPRING TEASER

  1. Thank you Allene. It is crazy here. We are currently safe. We lost one tree that hit the house, but it resulted in only one roof tile broken. It was a birch tree that hit all the way up to the top. We were fortunate. Lots of downed trees, flooding and mud slides all around us. There have been 18 deaths in California. One of the most heartbreaking tragedy is a 5 year old boy that got swept up by the raging river. They have been searching for him for days now. Bystanders saved the mom. Another reminder, don’t go in high waters. High waters can be tragic even at 1 foot. We are facing 5 days of rain beginning again on Friday. It’s scary to see what additional rain will do. Thank you for your thoughts.


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