I’m off to Hawaii today. 

My suitcase is pretty well packed. My INTENTION was to pack lightly.  My reality is always quite different.  While I am (by some miracle) fitting everything into my carry-on suitcase, it would take a forklift to get it into the overhead bin😊.  So I am checking my bag and hoping for the best.  I did activate a Galaxy Smart Tag so I can track my bag and see if it makes it on the plane.  What will I do if it doesn’t?  I will have a miserable flight worrying about what I am going to do.  There really isn’t a good solution to this conundrum☹.

I came across a post recently: Lifestyle Goes Mainstream as Boomers Embrace Minimalism. Apparently the generation that created consumerism is trying to go in the opposite direction.

The trend towards minimalism, to travel light, and to pare down our possessions to only what we need, love, and will use is the natural offshoot of the wisdom gained from years of overindulging and overspending. 

Rita Wilkins

I would love to say I am a light traveler!  While I do try, paring down on all fronts is a challenge for me.  That is particularly true when it comes to packing. 

A number of years ago, my meilleur ami and I bought a book for our daughters: Things I Want My Daughters to Know . It was written by Alexandra Stoddard, an early lifestyle guru.  One of the chapters in the book is ‘Travel Heavy’.  Her theory is that when traveling, you will be happiest when you are prepared.  She recommends bringing whatever you might envision you will need. She argues that traveling heavy reduces anxiety.

Considering life’s brevity, we should travel abundantly with great enthusiasm.

Peter Megargee Brown

Note: this book was published in 2007, well before our current epidemic of lost luggage!

While I envy ‘carry-on only’ people, that probably isn’t going to be me for trips longer than a few days.  I am trying to find the sweet spot between traveling light and traveling heavy.  Wish me luck!

I won’t be posting for a bit, but will share my travel adventures when I return.


P.S. The picture in the collage is of Betty White enjoying 2 of her favorite things – French fries and Diet Coke! Cheers to finding the pleasure in simplicity, traveling or not!


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