I’m Too Old for This

Like me, I am sure many of you saw President Biden tripping on the airplane steps.  It played multiple times.  I am sure many of you also saw that the steps appear to be carpeted.  How many of you have tripped on carpeted steps, regardless of your age?

Time captured the ageism that went along with this event very well. It is worth a read.

I have harped on ageism and the pandemic more than once.  Bear with me while I do so again.

In my last few years in the office, I heard a reference to the ‘old girls’ more than once.  I was probably one of the ‘old girls’ they were referring to.  My boss never used that term, but he also didn’t call out others who did.  I believe firmly that I still knew what I was doing and I have no issue with technology, but I got the feeling that I was getting past my ‘sell by date’.  And I never wanted to be one of those people who stayed too long at the fair! So I semi-retired.  I don’t regret my decision because navigating the workplace politics and the 2 hour commute to boot were no longer how I wanted to spend my time.

I think ageism is ubiquitous in many workplaces. I had the ability to be able to semi retire. I realize many people aren’t as fortunate.

President Biden tripping got me thinking about ageism again.

One of my best chums is still working and is debating retirement.  I believe she is fantastic at her job and is highly valued by her clients.  She also looks terrific!  But there are certain aspects of the work she no longer enjoys, such as the travel and some of the workplace dynamics. 

Another best chum is a nurse and felt as though she had lost some of her ‘sharpness’ so decided to retire. She was fearful of making a mistake. This is the same person who recently did the Grand Canyon rim to rim hike and finished before her younger crew. Just check out the link to see how vigorous this endeavor is and she did it in the heat of August!

My chums just don’t seem that old to me.  We are still physically active, engaged and stay current. Pictured above is my mother and my aunt when they were ‘old’, at least to me.

I often times use the term, ‘I’m too old for this’.  I think I need to change my language a bit.  It really isn’t that I’m too old, it just isn’t how I want to spend my time now.

The thing about aging is it is the only stereotype where everyone starts as an outsider. And then as you get older, it becomes self-relevant,”

Shevaun Neupert, Professor of Psychology, North Carolina State University

See you on Wednesday,