My last post was about setting intentions for fall.  One that I Iike best is from the Daily Word:

I remember to live lightly, laugh, and be kind.

I imagine there are tons of ways to define ‘live lightly’.  So, I decided to consult with Dr. Google to see what I could find.  I came across a Canadian blog site called Living Lightly

According to their site:

There is no single definition of Living Lightly, nor is there a roadmap or a set of commandments that will apply to every person in every society.

Living Lightly is a lifestyle that is at the same time ethical, practical, economical, and spiritual.

Living Lightly is a choice to better align the pursuit of our practical needs with our personal values and spiritual calling, and with the needs of our environment and of all humans and other forms of life.

Living Lightly

I am planning on a deeper dive on the site to learn ways to ‘live lightly’.

The needs of our environment came home to roost this weekend.

Our air was ‘unhealthy for everybody’ due to wildfire smoke. While late summer wildfires are a given in the West, they aren’t that common in Western Washington. Wildfires are expected to increase in intensity and frequency due to climate change (per the EPA).

On Saturday, Seattle was the city with the worst air quality in the WORLD! Number 2 on the list was Lahore, Pakistan. The picture in today’s collage was taken from our back deck late Saturday afternoon.  You can see the sun through the haze. 

Western Washington occasionally has poor air quality from an air inversion.  This usually happens in the winter.  We haven’t had much in the way of summer wildfire smoke before the last few years, but this is the second summer with some pretty bad fires and unhealthy air.

My Montana girlfriends own air purifiers to deal with smoky air.  It seems like that will now be a necessary purchase for us, as well!



Autumn Intentions

As I noted in my last post, for me, the new year starts in September not January.

Carol Hedges, the author of this post has the same perspective and makes her New Year’s resolutions in September.  This year she came up with 10 Positive Aspirations for Fall.

Her aspirations include:

  • Learn to layer – no more one season clothes, that’s what cardigans are for!
  • Ignore trends
  • Resist ‘buy me’ words
  • Stop her subscription to Good Housekeeping

Note: When I got married 44 years ago, my mother subscribed to GH for me.  I have kept it for sentimental reasons.  But I too have stopped my subscription.  It ain’t what it used to be!

  • Stand by my social media friends – I get this.  It takes a bit to put yourself out there on a blog, Instagram, etc.  It takes nothing to ‘like’ a post!
  • Stop worrying
  • Say no to super foods – just eat a healthy diet
  • Hug my virtual friends
  • Give thanks
  • Live with pride

I think these are generally fine aspirations/resolutions.  Thanks to advice from our yoga teacher, Jeni, I no longer make resolutions.   She suggests setting intentions instead of resolutions.  I took her advice to mean that intentions are more powerful.

As the month gets underway, I have been focusing on my daily intentions, which are simple yet challenging for me:

  • Choose Health
  • Be Kind
  • Get cleaned up before noon 😊.

Note: I spent so many years getting up at 5:45 and rushing to get out the door by 7 AM at the latest.  In retirement, I am savoring my morning tea, meditation, leisurely breakfast, and exercise. Before you know it, it is time for lunch.  So, my intention is to at least be showered and dressed by noon!

But, when all else fails, this intention works:

Remaining centered, I remember to live lightly, laugh, and be kind.

Daily Word, 9/7/22

And, in the words of a wise woman whose daily intentions were duty and service,:

It’s worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.

Queen Elizabeth II