I am a weather wimp!

Many people hate the cold weather, others the rain and still more hate the snow.

I, on the other hand, am a hot weather wimp!  I am miserable when the weather gets hot and humid. Sunday was in the mid 90’s , which is 20 degrees above our normal and about 30 degrees above my comfort zone.

I must admit that summers aren’t usually too terribly hot in the Northwest.  In fact, they probably seem cool to most people. But any heat is too much for me.  I long for our summers on the central coast of CA where the mid 60’s rule.  It was like heaven!

When I was growing up in MT, no one was allowed to be a weather wimp.  Air conditioning was pretty unheard of and people just had a couple of fans.

We retreated to the basement on hot days.  It was tough to sleep on those hot nights, so we slept out side with the bugs. The Great Falls forecast today is a high of 95 and a lot of people still don’t have air conditioning there. You really can’t be a weather wimp and be happy in MT year around.

We were in Italy a few years ago in September.  It was still hot on the Mediterranean and air conditioning is rare. Apparently, Italians are always cold. The heat and high humidity made me pretty miserable and I was eaten alive by zanzare (mosquitoes). I vowed I would not visit again during the heat.

I do realize I have gotten pretty spoiled on the weather front over the years.  Our house is air conditioned and I enjoy my ‘climate controlled’ lifestyle, probably a little too much. I’m not prepared for a power outage and I am certainly not prepared for climate change!

The Scandinavians have a saying: ‘There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes’ (see above in Swedish).

I’m not sure if I can fully get behind that philosophy, but I have no choice but to give it a try during our very short hot spell!



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