The ‘City of Worlds’

Apparently, that is the newish nickname for Vancouver, British Columbia. 

I am writing this on Friday afternoon. We arrived here yesterday morning via a ferry from Nanaimo.  The ferry comes into Horseshoe Bay, which is northwest of the city center. 

By some miracle, we were able to check into our hotel right away.  We dropped off our bags and took off to explore our favorite haunts.  It has been almost 2 years since we were here last.  We generally make it up here at least twice a year.  The pandemic has taught us not to take trips like these for granted!

We started off with sushi at our favorite spot, Bay Sushi.  It is right across the street from Hudson Bay Company.  I also had to make stops at London Drug, Shoppers Drug Mart, Roots, Indigo (books), and yet one more visit to Murchies.  When I am in Canada, I can’t seem to get enough of Murchie’s tea!

After a glass in our room, we went to CinCin for dinner.  It is an excellent Italian restaurant that is conveniently located.  Our thanks to KP for the initial recommendation.  We feasted on their prix fix menu of roasted beet salad, mushroom risotto, and panna cotta.

We slept great after walking 13,000 + steps!

This morning we drove to Granville Island.  The public market there is our favorite.  Most of the food vendors were operating, but the artists were gone (☹).  There were a fair number of people there, but nothing like we are used to.

The weather is glorious and we took a long walk along the seawall in Stanley Park.  Check out my travelswithallene Instagram for photos. The Park is very bike friendly and we saw lots of people enjoying their e-bikes.

We felt we earned our lunch and had to have dumplings from Dinesty Dumpling House.  It is also one of our favorite lunch spots in Vancouver.  Dinner tonight is mussels at Chambar, a Belgian restaurant, also recommended by KP.

Vancouver seems to have weathered the pandemic well.  We didn’t observe anyone sleeping outside downtown (far less than we have seen in past visits!). There are some empty storefronts, but it still feels bustling.  The traffic is awful on Friday afternoons, so that hasn’t changed!

We are heading home tomorrow.  It is always tough to say goodbye to our favorite city in North America!



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