Packing Post Mortem

This may be my last travel post about our recent trip to Europe (or maybe not).  But I can’t be done until I talk about what I packed that worked…..or didn’t.

Just before we left, I was zooming with a friend who is a frequent overseas traveler.  She advised me to ‘pack what you love’.  Good advice that I wish I had followed.

I would probably give myself a ‘C’ on my packing this go around.  I could have done much worse, but I sure could have done better.

The weather was a bit of a challenge.  It was cool when we first arrived in Italy and then the heat came on.  By the time we left, we had a few days in the high 80’s with humidity to boot.  We ended our trip in Amsterdam which was a good 20 degrees cooler than Italy and a little rainy.

First, my coat.  I am giving it a ‘F’.  It was lightweight and packed well, but the sleeves weren’t lined.  As a result, my arms were wet every time I wore it.  I ended up leaving it at the hotel 😊.  I did bring a quilted vest which worked for the cool days on the front and back end of our trip.

I packed one too many pants and not the right ones.  I should have brought one linen pair, which would have been great for warmer days. 

My tee shirts were OK overall, except I brought 2 that I thought would work.  Mistake!  I ended up hating both because they don’t fit or look quite right.  I brought them home, but they are heading to Goodwill.

I always recommend packing clothes that wick.  I have had good luck with Zenergy crops from Chicos and packed a pair of cropped ones that I have had for years. I wore every warm day and could even wash them out in the sink.  I also brought one long sleeve and 2 short sleeve wicking tops.  I could have used more of them and less of my basic cotton ones.

Another ‘F’ was one of the pairs of shoes I brought (slip on Skechers).  I sprained my ankle wearing them and retired them immediately.  I replaced them with a pair of New Balance 574’s that I purchased in Italy and wore constantly. New Balance are a common sight on the Italian streets.  I also packed a pair of Isle Jacobsen flats and sandals and they were great for warm days.

One thing I’m glad I brought was a large, lightweight scarf made of modal.  I used it as a light blanket for naps and hot nights.  I wish I packed the satin pillowcase our daughter gave me.  It would have been perfect to keep my hair from going crazy since I wasn’t washing it daily.  I also wish I had packed the dry shampoo from her for the same reason. 

We went to the lavanderia (laundromat) twice when we were in Italy.  Each trip cost about 20 euros (about $21.50), so it isn’t a cheap date.  But we both now think it is better to wash a little more frequently than to pack too much in the first place!

Packing for a trip can be exciting. But unpacking is always depressing’. – Unknown



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