My first friend, who was a long time special ed teacher, retired a while ago. As she was leaving her school, the principal asked her what she was going to do after retiring.  She told him that she planned on being a fulltime housewife.  I love that answer!

She recently completed a statewide survey.  When asked the question regarding her occupation – Educator? Retired? She went with Housewife!

That got me thinking about my post retirement days.  While I have many interests and am still working in public health to a small degree, one of the things I most enjoy is writing my blog!

I’ve been thinking about the path that led me down the road to blogging.

As a teenager, I dreamed about enrolling in the journalism program at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  I really have no idea where this came from!  I must have read something in a book that piqued my interest. 

It is important to note how farfetched this scheme was!  I had no real aptitude for writing in school, I wasn’t interested in the school newspaper or the yearbook, and there was no way going to a private out of state university was even an option for a working-class Montana girl!

I went to a state university and majored in nursing.  I also didn’t have a lifelong goal of becoming a nurse, but I did have a goal to get a job!

That brings me to finding a job after graduation.  When I graduated, nurses were in high demand in many parts of the country.  My friend and I wanted to work at a university hospital. Interesting enough, I was again drawn to Illinois and I remember checking to see if there were openings at Northwestern.  No luck, so my friend and I got jobs at the University of Chicago.  I wasn’t there long, but I still love Chicago!

I am a faithful newspaper reader.  My favorite column back in the day was written by Ellen Goodman.  I loved her column, writing style, and her insight into current events.  I remember thinking that was the kind of writing I wanted to do.  Her final column ran in 2010 and she now calls herself a ‘recovering journalist’.  I just discovered her website. She is a co-founder of the Conversation Project, which is designed to change the narrative around aging.

Americans now live 30 years longer that they did a century ago.  We need to reinvent aging, infusing this gift of time with purpose and respect.

Ellen Goodman

While NO ONE would ever confuse me with Ellen Goodman 😊, I do enjoy observing and then writing about our culture and current events. 

I also completed a recent survey – to get 20% off some earrings I had my eye on 😊.  When I selected my occupation/field, I also didn’t choose retired or even public health….instead I went with COMMUNICATIONS!


P.S. And I always want the Northwestern University Wildcats to win, unless they are playing the Washington Huskies!


3 thoughts on “COMMUNICATIONS

  1. Thanks for the memory of Ellen Goodman – she along with Molly Ivins were sane voices in strange times.
    Now retired I am an golfing walking chef.


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