Italian friends

My husband inspired this blog when he emailed our Italian friends about our 2021 trip (planned) to Italy.

We made our first trips to Italy in the early 90’s. 

We have one of those ‘friend of a friend’ stories.  We traveled to Italy with our friends (JP).  We planned to spend some time in Florence.  Our friends had friends who owned a house in Pebble Beach.  The Pebble Beach friends did a house exchange with a family in Florence.  The Pebble Beach family hadn’t met the Florence family but said they seemed very nice and suggested we look them up while we were in Florence.  Have I completely confused you yet?

I am always a bit nervous about contacting someone I don’t know, but my husband and our friends prevailed.  So, JP called the Florence family, the B’s.  Signora B invited us to their Florence home for lunch.  So off we went!  We were treated to gracious hospitality from their entire family! 

That lunch served as the beginning of what has become a lifelong friendship.  The B’s have three children, about the same age as ours.  The blog picture is from a lunch with their family, my husband and our daughter.  It was taken early in our friendship.

We see them every time we travel to Italy.  We have been honored to be invited to their children’s weddings and were fortunate to be able to attend one of them.  It was an amazing experience to be part of an Italian wedding! 

Through the B’s we have met two other couples.  We all took an Alaskan cruise together back in 2007. We frequently all have dinner together when we visit Italy.

We haven’t found the language difference a barrier. For one thing, our Italian friends all speak English to one degree or another, and I am ashamed to say, far better than we speak Italian.  I have observed that when we don’t all speak the same language fluently; we can be more direct with each other.  I find that refreshing!

A visit with the B’s is always the highlight of our trip!  I am so grateful to JP that we took the plunge and she made that call 25 years ago.  It was the beginning of a ‘beautiful friendship’.

Missing Italy and our friends,



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