Dippity-do. A little dab’ll do y’a!

I have been thinking about Dippity-do because my sideburns have some very stubborn flips.  It was a super popular styling product in the 60’s. 

This sent me down a 1950’s – 60’s nostalgia rabbit hole. This was reinforced when I met up with my first friend on Monday.  Our picture is from 1969 (she is on the left).

Neither of us are nostalgia buffs, but sometimes it is fun to remember…….

  • 45’s, record shops and American Bandstand
  • TV shows – Lawrence Welk (Saturday nights), the Andy Williams Christmas show, and Fireball XL5 (a quirky British Saturday morning cartoon from 1962-63)
  • Bookmobiles
  • Stores and businesses closed on Sundays
  • Landlines, even party lines
  • Letters, including written thank you notes
  • Downtown with locally owned shops – the Paris of Montana, the Petite Shoppe, Dale Stapps, Bailer’s Ice Cream, Ukes Sports, Kinkel’s shoes, Beckman’s, Spencer’s, and movie theaters
  • Sears Wish Book filled with Christmas gift ideas
  • Dilly bars and A&W root beer, both on rare occasions
  • Vacations to visit family and Glacier and Yellowstone national parks
  • Small houses with one bathroom and small closets that still had plenty of room because we didn’t have a lot of clothes
  • One car per household instead of one car per occupant
  • Play clothes, school clothes, and dress clothes .  And you better not wear your school clothes or dress clothes to play in because there would be ‘heck a poppin’ (per my mother-in-law)
  • Girls wearing skirts or dresses to school – no exceptions!
  • 3 pairs of shoes max – one for play, one for school and one for dress
  • Rich kids not being that different – maybe slightly better clothes and bigger houses, could afford to ski, and had been to Disneyland

I didn’t have a perfect childhood, but much of this seemed fine and dandy to me growing up in a working class family.

We left MT in 1979, driving my Oldsmobile Starfire with an 8-track player.  By that time, much of my childhood world had already changed and those changes accelerated in the 1980’s.

I have no desire to rewind the tape, but maybe we ‘threw the baby out with the bathwater’ over the years in some ways:

  • Smaller houses with small closets (much fewer clothes and shoes) and one car would be far better for the environment.
  • Stores and businesses being closed a day a week would give people more time to spend with their families and less opportunity to consume (cue Amazon).
  • Infrequent small treats would be better for our health.
  • Making more of an effort to dress appropriately would be a sign of respect for others.
  • Disconnecting from our ever-present smart phones would give us more time to be present in our lives.
  • Maybe the differences between working class and rich didn’t have to be the vast chasm it is today.
  • And wouldn’t it be nice to get a letter or a handwritten thank you note!

See you Friday,



3 thoughts on “Dippity-do. A little dab’ll do y’a!

  1. I am so with you…we CAN and MUST consciously return to a simpler life less consumptive

    My sister has become a model in many ways. She really was a Flower Child and still is.

    She lives in a super small house.its crowed because she does buy some far too many clothes…ALL SECOND HAND at yard sales. Many of her Christmas gifts are from garage sales. Some have made me light out loud. I realized, THAT was the gift. We correspond only by US Mail…long letters and small notes we call respectively “c mail” and “ j mail”. She uses ONLY a land line, has never signed on to the internet, let alone shopped on Amazon.
    Pretty cool gal!!!!


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