Middle Fork

“the older we get, the more important friends become to our health and happiness”

Andrew Weil, MD

My first friend and I met up in North Bend, WA on Monday.  We intended to meet at the North Bend Bakery, but it was closed.  As long-time friends, we know how to improvise.  We found a great coffee shop and started our catch up there.  We both live in the Seattle area, but meeting up is easier said than done since we live on opposite ends.

From there, we drove to the Middle Fork trailhead.  Talk about breathtaking!  The drive to trailhead was beautiful.  The fall colors are starting to show.  We parked at the trailhead and took off from there.  It was a lovely walk.  One could call it a hike, but we were busy talking and stopping to admire the forest, rock formations, and the river at every turn.  Both of us are grateful to be living in the green Pacific Northwest! See my collage at the top of today’s post.

It wasn’t crowded at all, but we did see a few people.  All of them were unmasked which made us both a bit cross.

We grew up across the street from each other and probably played together every day.  She is one of my first memories since our mothers were also friends. We went to different schools, including a different college, but we could always find lots to talk about when we met up. That is still true 60+ years later.

We always leave each other with the intention of getting together more often.  Since we are likely coming to the end of our story at some point, we better get on it!

As usual, I will end my week with the scoop on COVID 19 in King County as of 9/23/20.  Over the past two weeks:

  • Positive Tests – 1,138 (2% of those tested)
  • Hospitalizations – 36
  • Deaths – 13

The U.W. is now back in session, so those numbers could start going in the wrong direction again.

And I am also remembering the more than 200,000 people who died in the U.S from COVID 19 since the pandemic began.

On that sobering note, have a good weekend and look up a friend!

See you Monday,



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