Gold and Silver

We have moved a lot over the years.  It hasn’t always made sense in hindsight. There have been trade offs, such as putting down roots in one community and stability. For us, the benefits have usually outweighed the downside.   We both like new experiences and meeting new people. 

Despite these frequent moves, I have been fortunate to make and keep some lifelong friends along the way.

When I was growing up, this song was everywhere.  I got to thinking about it today.

‘Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold’

Joseph Parry 1841

Most of my ‘gold’ friends go back to my childhood growing up in Montana.  You have already heard about my first friend.  I met my other gold friends in elementary school and junior high.  I met my best chum in 8th grade. My latest gold friend entered the scene in college.  

My ‘silver’ friends are those that I have met along the way as an adult.  Most of them have come into my life through my work in California and Washington.  We also have our wonderful Italian silver friends who we look forward to seeing on every trip.

I think most of us have had what I call situational friends.  For me, these are people I was close to for a period, often classmates, work colleagues or parents of our daughter’s friends. As circumstances change, those friendships don’t seem to stand the test of time.

I write about my friends frequently.  It makes me think I should change my blog tagline to include thoughts on friendship -so I did!

‘An Old Friend Will Help You Move; A Good Friend Will Help You Move a Body’

Jim Hayes

See you on Wednesday,



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