Not Getting my Gambling On

Last week we left the Olympic Peninsula and drove to Ocean Shores.  Both of us wanted some time on the beach and our favorite spot, Iron Springs, didn’t have a vacancy.

I booked an ocean view room at Quinalt Beach Resort and Casino.  As it turned out, the emphasis is on CASINO.  I had naively hoped that the hotel was somewhat separate from the casino.  No such luck!

Washington State has 35 Tribal-owned casinos, including this one.   Tribal governments are sovereign nations and, as such, have the right to govern themselves with the same powers as state and local governments. The tribal nations have adopted COVID 19 protocols for their casinos, including no indoor smoking (😊)!

We checked in on Wednesday which turns out to be ‘Young @ Heart’ for Seniors 50+.  This promotion is apparently a big draw and the place was filled. Not our lucky day!

Temperature checks are done at the entrance and masks are required.  While everyone had a mask on their face, apparently nobody thinks their nose is also on their face.  Pretty much everyone in the casino was eligible for COVID 19 vaccine long ago, so I can only hope most were vaccinated.

My husband did a little gambling on the machines.  But neither of us are into gambling and the casino environment isn’t our scene.  Unlike the casinos in Las Vegas, this resort is in an isolated area with nothing nearby.  So we had dinner at the casino, along with everyone else.  The food wasn’t anything special but the wine pour (in a plastic cup) was generous.

The redeeming feature of this adventure was our room.  We had a lovely, quiet, king size suite with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.  We even had an opportunity to walk on the beach before a storm blew in.  Check out my beach photos at travelswithallene on Instagram.

I’m sorry to report that our very short vacation has come to an end. 

I will be back on Wednesday.



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