Bricks and Mortar

I ventured back into the bricks and mortar shopping world this week. 

I went with some dear friends of mine to University Village in Seattle.  It is an upscale outdoor shopping mall with lots of places to shop, sit, and enjoy outdoor dining.  The weather was perfect.

While I have decided that frequent ‘runs to the mall’ are no longer in order, a leisurely day at an outdoor mall with good friends is a welcome treat.

I was curious to see how the mall fared during the pandemic and how it pivoted to stay in the game.

The mall was bustling for mid-week.  There were a number of shoppers and strollers out and about.  The restaurants were busy, as were the stores.

I was surprised at how much I missed actually seeing and, more importantly, feeling clothes and other items.  A computer screen just doesn’t do the trick.  It is clear that many other people were missing the same thing.  The stores were filled with shoppers making purchases.  I am sure the store owners and staff were delighted!

On a related note, I had a first time treat.  One of my friends is vegan and she steered us to Frankie & Jo’s for plant-based ice cream. I tried their summer shortcake and it was a hit!  Our non-vegan friends all loved their various plant-based ice cream flavors.

My friends are all working and it is tough for them to take time off, especially with the daily challenges of an ongoing pandemic.  I am really happy they could take the day off and we ended our time together with plans for another adventure in November. 

It’s all about good friends and good shopping


There is still one thing that is as bad as if not worse this summer.  That is Seattle traffic – it is a jungle out there!

Head’s up:

I plan on being a little more ‘spontaneous’ in my posting starting next week.  You can still count on posts from me, just not on a regular schedule.   It will be a surprise 😊!

Have a good weekend.



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