Bomb Cyclone!

Last spring, we had an ‘atmospheric river’. This summer, we had a ‘heat dome’.  Today we are going to have a ‘bomb cyclone’, along with an atmospheric river.  I’m not really sure what this will entail, but with a name like that, it can’t be good!  I imagine we will have some very strong winds and a ton of rain.  The rain is in the forecast for much of the west coast, so that will be good news for our drought suffering California neighbors. 

This storm will likely issue in our rainy season with a BANG

I love autumn and am always sad to see it go ☹.  It is so fleeting! I would like to live somewhere with a very long fall, but I don’t think such a place exists and that is the nature of the seasons.  We have had spectacular color this year and all those gorgeous leaves will soon be wet and on the ground.

I love my daily walks outside.   With rain comes, it is more challenging for me.  I check the hourly forecast each morning and there is usually, but not always, a little break in the rain at some point.  That’s when I pounce.

It is a luxury to be retired and able to be flexible as to when I grab my walk each day.  I remember a lot of dark and rainy nights while I was working.  It was really tough to come home and even think about heading out for a walk when a glass of wine was calling my name.

Regardless of the weather, I make myself get outside every day (or at least most days). A daily walk is an essential part of my routine and key to both my physical health and mental health.  The American Cancer Society recommends 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week, with 300 minutes being desirable. That means I need to pound the pavement for around 50 minutes at least six days/week. 

So staying inside on rainy days isn’t an option for me. But I certainly wish it wouldn’t rain every damn day!

People make things worse for themselves by demanding that things be other than they are.  This is Seattle.  It rains.  Get into acceptance mode rather than going into negative judgements.

Wallace Wilkins, Ph.D., Seattle-based psychologist

Or as the Scandinavians say:

“there’s no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing”

Alfred Wainwright, 1973

So I will try and accept the daily rain not as a problem, but a condition, and trust my Eddie Bauer jacket, New Balance Gore-Tex shoes, and my waterproof hat to keep me (sort of) dry.



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