I read the New York Times on a regular basis.  Last week, they had a 7 day Happiness Challenge focused on building stronger connections.  Suggestions included:

  • Assessing your social universe
  • Scheduling an 8-minute phone call
  • Chatting up someone you don’t know
  • Expressing thanks
  • Reaching out to people at work
  • Putting plans on a calendar

As luck would have it, my week pretty well lined up with their suggestions. 

I had Mystery Zoom with my MT friends on Thursday, we had a new friend over for my husband’s (deadly) martinis on Friday, and I met up with 2 friends on Saturday – one a long-time work friend and the other one of my fellow Montana Chicks for coffee.  Today I have a walk scheduled with a friend and I have my monthly meet up with my first friend tomorrow.


Now I don’t normally have that many daily/weekly connections with friends, but it was ‘friend time’ for sure. It was a fantastic week on all counts!

On a somewhat related note, my husband is trained in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  He came across this great article describing type as a preference with strengths and stretches.  So instead of saying I AM AN INTUITIVE THINKER (NT), my preference is Intuitive Thinking (NT). 

Note: the article: Don’t Box Me In: What is Personality Type Really? is definitely worth checking out if you are into or interested in MBTI.

Two of my friends I saw last week also happen to prefer the Intuitive Thinking (NT) type.  I was curious to see how common that type is in women and found this:

The majority of females in the U.S. are Sensing Feeling (SF) types. They make up approximately 56% of the population. After that, Sensing Thinking (ST) females make up the next highest group, at 19.8% of the population. Intuitive Feeling (NF) females come in third at 18% of the female population. This means that at 6.1% of the population, Intuitive Thinking (NT) females are an extreme minority. In a group of 10 females, you’d be lucky to find even one NT!

Susan Storm

With those odds, I consider it quite amazing that I managed to find 2 girlfriends who are also NT’s!  I love all my friends but I must admit, at times, it is somewhat validating to be around other women who also prefer Intuitive Thinking instead of always being a bit of an outlier 😊



3 thoughts on “CHEERS TO FRIENDS!

  1. I think I’m an ENTJ if I remember correctly. Sounds line you had a great week. Got two outside walks with my walking buddies this week. Given all the rain, it has been difficult. We need the rain but too much, too fast is not helpful. Lots of downed trees, flooding, and accidents. Stay safe my friend and keep enjoying life to the fullest.


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