Voting my values

I don’t usually do a weekend post but…..Tuesday is election day!

I think the first Presidential election I voted in was in 1972 and I THINK I voted for McGovern. I do remember the 1980 election when I voted for John Anderson who was the independent candidate. Does anyone remember when political parties weren’t miles apart like they are now?

I have worked in government for decades, specifically in governmental public health.  With each new administration, it felt like each president had radically different policies. In hindsight, not so much! Yes, there were definite policy and style differences, but they don’t seem that radical or earth shattering in retrospect.

Then the 2016 election happened and the changes in style and policy with this administration since then are earth shattering!

As people prepare to vote in 2020, I think many of them may have a single issue they feel strongly about and vote accordingly:

  • Pro life vs. Pro choice
  • Pro-gun rights vs. pro-gun control
  • Pro individual liberty vs. pro mask wearing to protect others (this is a unique issue in 2020!)

I feel strongly about how the pandemic has been handled, the deaths (230,000 as of 10/31), the persistent lack of PPE in many areas, and the continued lack of reliable testing. I am also deeply disturbed by the disrespect shown to scientists and, most recently, health care providers.  

But I think there are a lot of issues to be concerned about.

In addition to managing the pandemic, I want a President who will:

  • Tackle systemic racism and figure out a path forward for criminal justice reform
  • Take climate change seriously and act accordingly
  • Foster positive relationships with our long-standing allies
  • Care about the struggles ordinary people are facing and work to improve their lives
  • Strengthen the safety net so individuals and businesses can survive the pandemic and kids can get back to school
  • Maintain Social Security and Medicare (a little self-interest there 😊)

And probably most important to me is a President who models civility and serves everyone, regardless of party affiliation. I bet you can guess who I voted for! 

It is time for everyone to do their own value check and vote accordingly. 

The important thing is to VOTE as if your life depends on it, because it does!

See you on Monday,



5 thoughts on “Voting my values

  1. Our values are aligned, Allene. Trying to keep the stress abated, and trying to stay hopeful the American people are with us.


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