Free to Move About the Country?

Not so fast!

CDC issued new guidance on Monday for people who are ‘fully vaccinated’.  There is some good news:

  • Small gatherings with other vaccinated people are OK – no mask needed
  • Visiting with low-risk unvaccinated people from one household is OK – no mask needed
  • If exposed to COVID 19, there is no need to quarantine unless symptoms develop

What’s missing?

The T word: TRAVEL!

CDC still doesn’t recommend non-essential domestic or international travel even if vaccinated.

While I get the science, that is still a disappointment.

My husband and I will be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ as of Sunday.  It will be two weeks since our last dose of Moderna vaccine.  We have no problem continuing to mask up and avoiding crowded indoor spaces.  But, we do want to take just a little trip across the border!

Two of our daughters and three of our grandchildren live in Oregon.  We have plans to see them in a few weeks and will likely be indoors with them at some point, since our spring weather is unpredictable.  I think we can manage the risk for all concerned and will wear masks, as usual. We will also follow all other recommended travel precautions.

The good news about travel between Washington and Oregon is that everyone pretty much plays by the same rules.

And that, along with seeing our family, is a good thing!

I will be back on Friday.



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